Burj Al Arab 7 Star PBN Service.

Everyone knows PBN are never gonna fade out completely no matter how hard google tries to put an end to them. But you do risk a penalty if 1$ Link of Super Spammed PBN will point to your money site. Most of the Services here are good if you just want to please yourself with numbers like 5k or 7k links pointing to your site but will you risk your Investment and Time with these links who won’t survive a manual review.


Minimum DA is 35 of our Domains with Maximum being 58, but no single domain has DA less than 35.


We prefer Quality over Quantity hence only 15 Blogs are there in our Network, So only order if you want quality content Backlinks and links with Hand-written Manual Content.


Footprint Avoiding Measures like Comments Sections Closed, Different Name Server/Blog, Crawlers Blocked are in Place.

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All Our Domains are 100 % Spam Free and Will Pass Manual Review on any given Day just because we have got 0 Spam Article on them and we don’t use any software to cook up articles for you, we rely 100 % on human brain.

Each Blog is made on WordPress CMS having Separate Premium Hosting with Different I/P Address.